Digestive enzymes preparations

Data Sheet

Sr. NoGeneric Name
1Alpha Amylase, Papain with multivitamin Syrup
Each 5 ml contains
Alpha Amylase (1:50) (In House) (250 mg)
Papain (In House) (60 mg)
Thiamine Hydrochloride BP (2 mg)
Riboflavin BP (1 mg)
Pyridoxine Hydrochlorie BP (0.5 mg)
D-Panthenol BP (2 mg)
Niacinamide BP (15 mg)
Flavored Syrup base
2Fungal Diastase With Pepsin Syrup
Each 5 ml contains
Alpha Amylase(Fungal Diastase)(1:2000) IP (50 mg)
Pepsin (1:3000) IP (10 mg)
Flavored base